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Interior Design and Architecture in Hamburg


Kirsten Flaig, Dipl. Ing. Interior Architect, is a driving force in our architecture and interior design studio, Bornhold Architects in Hamburg. Her extensive experience and unique approach to planning and design make her a valuable asset to our team and our clients.

Kirsten's work reflects a profound appreciation for the finer details of interior architecture. She places great emphasis on developing effective spatial structures and allocating functional areas in a meaningful manner. This involves considering critical factors such as architecture, family dynamics, the efficiency of pathways within a space, adherence to clearances and alignments. She takes into account factors like the view from windows and the interplay of light, whether embraced or avoided.

Using these factors, Kirsten begins to structure and design spaces, whether within new constructions, apartment renovations, or extensive home refurbishments. Even when planning a kitchen or bathroom in Hamburg, she takes all these factors into consideration. She delves deep into the intricacies of planning, resulting in precise interior fittings with built-in cabinets, dressing areas, and kitchens—individually designed and custom-made to measure in our Bornhold Manufactory.

Her holistic approach to planning enables her to create a consistent design language that contributes to making every apartment or house a harmonious entity. Simultaneously, she always has a surprising element up her sleeve and can draw from an endless wealth of ideas.

Before joining Bornhold Hamburg's planning team in 2014, Kirsten was an independent practitioner for 25 years. This extensive experience contributes to her ability to consistently provide our clients with high-quality planning, transforming living and working spaces into personal oases of tranquility and beauty.

Portait von Dipl. Ing. Innenarchitektin Kirsten Flaig für Bornhold Architects in Hamburg

Kirsten Flaig

Dipl. Ing. Architect

040.471 02 377


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